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Brother's at War
Blade of Execution
(DVD video comes in HD)

Blade of Execution "Brother's at War" Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright; from the book "Messages" by Maurice Skillern from Maurice Skillern on Vimeo.>

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This video proactively comments on the President Elect Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright situation. It seeks to give incite on the troubling realities of hatred and betrayal; for they are titans amongst mankind's elite. They often raise their ugly maw at the most unsuspecting times, granting the false gold of ego elevation to the most tempestuous hearted. They (hatred and betrayal) are gods of misperception and they are ever unselective in choosing the vassals that preach their divisive message.


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Written and Directed by Ken Scruggs.

Starring: Earnest Baskin (NEMESI), Darnell Crawley, Richard Hunter, Kenneth Scruggs

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"Looking Down The Barrel of A Gun", is a short film depicting the relationship between four professional African-American males who have been friends for years. Micheal, Reggie, Kenan and David get together once a week for a game of cards, laughter and conversation. The movie begins with the four friend humorously discussing women, (a touchy subject for most men) but in the flip of a card the conversation soon turns serious. Loaded with heavy suggestive dialogue, this film touches on major romance and relationship issues facing today's couples. It also forces these four individuals to look at some of the less than positive and permanent repercussions of the player mentality. As the four friends search for answers and understanding in their own personal lives, they realize friendship is not just giving your opinion; it is also giving your support. "Looking Down The Barrel of A Gun" helps us examine our lives, our behavioral habits and our relationships as if today was our last day.


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